Express ABNS (ABN 26808093936) is authorised to submit an ABN application to the Australian Tax Office on my behalf and to do so as your registered tax agent, and if necessary, submit a Business Name application to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

Express ABNS will utilise information supplied in this form to apply for an ABN, and if necessary, will remain as your ASIC agent and notify you when your business name requires renewal.

Express ABNS will deliver your ABN application to you within 24 hours. GST, PAYG & Business Name applications will deliver to you within 24 hours after your ABN has been approved

ABR/ATO may refuse your ABN application in below situation, Express ABNs have no liability for the delay of ABN application :

  • Your information provided not match with ATO Data base (e.gYou have changed name but have not notified to ATO)
  • Your TFN is locked by ATO due to outstanding lodgement

You are not disqualified from managing corporations under Section 206B(1) of the Corporations Act 2001.

Within the last 5 years ,you have not been convicted of, or released from prison after being convicted of, and serving a term of imprisonment for, any of the criminal offences referred to inSection 32(1)(c) or (d) of the Business Names Registration Act 2011.

This application is submitted under, and is compliant with, the terms and conditions of the ASIC Electronic Lodgement Protocol.

The information supplied is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete.

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