Express ABNS target to provide fast, efficient application service for all customers, Express ABNS guarantees to provide full refund if:

  • Express ABNS fail to deliver your ABN within 14 working days
  • You contact us to request refund before you receive your ABN, GST , PAYG and Business name Registration

Exceptions we can not guarantee refund :

  • You provided incorrect information, and it takes more than 14 days to confirm with you
  • If your had ABN before, we do re-activate for you
  • If your ABN already exist, we find out the ABN for you
  • If your application is rejected by the ATO and they require you to communicate with them, whether in person to present identification information or via telephone or email, our guarantee does not apply.
  • If an ABN application is marked for manual review, the ATO reserve the right to keep the application for up to 28 days, during which time they may contact you for verification. This is beyond our control and voids our guarantee.
  • You simply change your mind after receive your ABN
  • You simply change your mind of Business Name after we have submitted to ASIC
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